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*23. 1. 2016 

Mother : Heroine des Gradiens aux Coeurs Tendres   father: A´Yago du Murier de Sordeille

Name of dogOwnerHealthBreedingExamsTitlesNote
BalatróZ. Matoušek (CZ) HD A confirmé  RCAC Club dog show 
BaroR. Hope (DEU)     
BellusF. Deichler (DEU)     
BiasD.Šťastná (SK)HD A/A, ED 0/0  Slovak junior champion 
BenedictusP. Honejsková (CZ)     
BurgensisP. Jakub (SK)     
BenevolaS. Sulikova (SK)HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD clear, spondyl. 0 Exam of guide dog for the blind  Slovak junior champion Guide dog for the blind
BettongiaM. Juchler (CH)   NHAT  
BombardaJ. Niklová (CZ)     
BuleD. Kříčková (CZ)      + 1/2017


A´YAGO du Murier de Sordeille

Heroine des Gardiens aux Coeurs Tendres

Yago postoj
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A´Yago du Murier de Sordeille

When Yago was a puppy, he was a little fighter. He disturbed everything he could, all toys, shoes, legs of chairs and other things. He was our small Piranha and it wasn’t always easy to take care of him, he was (like he still is!) so full of energy! But in the same way he was our sunshine. Always kind to everybody, extremely self-confident even in that young age. He was never afraid of anything, he never has had trouble with other dogs in his life, he loves ALL people and his passion is his work. Of course, he doesn’t care WHAT KIND of work, he also would agree in dog dance, obedience, defence or anything else, but nosework is his real passion. I love to see the passion in his eyes if we are out together for searching. He is my best partner ever, there is such a strong confidence between us, mostly I even don’t need to talk, he knows what’s in my mind and what he has to do.

He never gives up, even if a research takes hours and hours, Yago is untiring.

I am really thankful for this, because the mission readiness test in Switzerland is taking as many as 7 hours and includes as many as 5 hours search work for the dog. Up in the mountains in very difficult areas, it demands a high working motivation and a strong mental and physical constitution. It seemed Yago was doing it easily.

In spring 2011 we were part of a very special research action. A Swiss tourist was missed on the Canary Islands. While his girlfriend was sleeping on the beach, he was walking around to watch out for new spots. When she woke up, he was disappeared. After some hours the regional police started to search him. He was epileptic and needed his medicine, which was another big fact in this mission. They haven’t got any results and so the family decided to alert our Swiss rescue organisation Redog because they heard about the high standard of our dogs.  They pined all their hopes on our dogs, it was the last chance. It could have been possible that the man has had an attack and after days without his medicine (the doctors said he could be able to stay alive for 7 days without them) he has amnesia and doesn’t know where and who he is.

When we arrived with the airplane, the family gave us a warm welcome and we could feel their hopes. Our team consisted of for dogs with their handlers, two mantrailer and two area search dogs. The mantrailer started directly after our arrival. There were a lot of trails of the missed man   on the beach because the couple spend a lot of time at that place. Always when the mantrailer have had a trail and it broke up, we started with the area search in that surrounding. It was difficult because the beach was black lava sand and stones and in between were deep holes, where a person could have fall down easily. Because there was just one hotel in that area, we slept in the same hotel like the whole family and other rescue teams. The local police and ambulance were so kind and helped us a lot. It was the most emotional rescue action we ever had because we lived for four days so close with the family, talked with them until long in the night and tried to spend comfort and hope.

After two days, the mantrailer had a trail which went down to a bay, and they confirmed it again and again. At the day when the man dissapeard, it was stormy weather with very strong breakers. So after all, we have had the guess that down in the bay an accident happened, maybe he got an attack or he just had a fall… he hasn’t had a chance. When we told that to the police, they ordered immediately again the boats and divers of the coast guard but without any success.  From that moment on the family started to mourn, and we realized what our work really meant for them. Even if we couldn’t found the man, the family was so thankful because after our search they have had the feeling that they have done everything what was possible and then they could have find an end. They loved our dogs and so we were invited to the commemoration ceremony as well, included the dogs! Yago was the only one of the four dogs who was part of the whole ceremony. When the girlfriend of the lost man saw us there, she was running through the whole hall and fling her arms round Yagos neck. I get still tears in my eyes when I think back to that moment.

For our dogs it was a hard mission, they couldn’t work without shoes because the stones were so sharp. In Switzerland spring was just started and there it was nearly summer, on the black lava stones it was extremely hot. None of our dogs was in an airplane before, and they did really so great in these days.

Yago never gave up in these three days of searching, even if it was really hard. I’m very proud of him and he proved ones more that he always keeps cool.


The second important thing for Yago is to cuddle. He is my shadow, always close to me and always cuddling if possible. And still workaholic, even if he is 10 years old. But he enjoys a rest also nowadays.